My main concern as Visual Artist is to Communicate, to Transmit, to Generate a reaction…to Awaken,to Say without speaking or just to Give Back something luckily Perceived.  Photography is Alchemy.  A picture  is something ‘I receive’ and (literally)  ‘take’, and the Camera is my tool to capture that sudden Gift.

 I like to think of myself as a storyteller, but I don’t invent anything … I take down from dictation.

Being an analogue photographer means dealing with the “crafty” side of this Art :  Photography is also  something  "I make", developing the negatives and then ,under the redlights of the darkroom, through  the  magic of  the chemical and physical printing process and its multiple fascinating possibility of experimenting, the image became tangible... your work become “body”. I love this part , it makes me think of the photographer not only as an Artist but also as an Artisan.

“My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been” (Diane Arbus) see what I’ve never seen, to share the unseen…
Standing at crossroads, spying through the keyhole, looking for encounters,happenings, reflections…
Observing the world though the viewfinder, hunting for moments to capture with the 'click' of a shutter.  I am a collector of realities. Cutting slices of time from everyday life, I discover beauty in the ordinary, surprises in random serendipity.

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